Pre-stain your lumber, protect your fence for years.

It's like a built-in warrant for your fence.

Pre-Stained Lumber Reduces:

  • Mildew / Fungus
  • Craking
  • Splintering
  • Warping
  • UV Damage
  • Nail Popping
  • Cupping
  • Graying
  • Fading
Don’t let the elements damage your investment.

With pre-staining, the wood is fully submerged into a dip tank which allows for maximum coverage & protection.

Get a beautiful, natural look

With 3 color options, you an choose a pre-stain color that fits your personal aesthetic.

Light Honey



How It Works

Choose your pre-stain color
We stain and deliver your lumber
We build your fence, pre-stained & protected

The best fence on the block for years to come.
When the exterior pigment has been burned off by the sun, a new coat of oil can simply be applied over the existing one to refresh the color.
Improved Durability
Reduce warping and cracking by 98%, prevent against termites, fungus and other organic growth.
Increased Lifetime Value
When you fence lasts longer, you’re ultimately saving money!

Choose to pre-stain.
Your future self will thank you!